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What I Wore: January 26, 2021

jumpsuit sweater outfit

In the midst of the pandemic, getting dressed and putting on “real person clothes” has been struggle for everyone. Whether it’s wearing pajama pants to your Zoom meeting or simply not putting on jeans for the past 10 months, most seem to have forgone their usual fashion habits.

Something I’m trying to do for my mental health is get dressed every morning. Even if it’s just into a different pair of leggings, putting on clothes helps me feel productive in the most uncertain times.

Today, I got all dressed up with nowhere to go (spot the Niall Horan reference).

Pictured in this look is the Issa jumpsuit from The Kit. by Daniel Vosovic. You can even peep the matching jacket in the background. I’ve become a big fan of this brand because of its fun colors and bold prints. When I saw these two pieces on Poshmark, I knew I had to snag them.

I’ve paired the jumpsuit with a black turtleneck mainly due to the fact that it’s snowing outside, but also because a black turtleneck elevates every look in my opinion. Here are links to the jumpsuit and a similar jacket (because everything on this site is made to order, styles and prints rotate often). You can also get the turtleneck here.

On top of the jumpsuit is a yellow open front cardigan I got from Modcloth. I may have already gotten a stain on this one, but I’ll still wear it regardless because of how soft it is. Plus I love a borderline mustard yellow. You can get it here.

Finally, I paired off the look with a black bandana. This was because bandanas are kind of fashionable again and my bangs just didn’t look that good today.

Have your looks suffered or shined during this everlasting quarantine? Let me know!

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