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How Do You Define Yourself Without Social Media?: Social Media Cleanse Rambles

Good morning, folks! It’s been a while since I’ve posted on here, but since I’m slowly weaning myself off of social media, I find myself much more willing and able to devote myself to the things I really want to do, like blogging. Within the past month or two, I’ve been in the process of…

Why I’m Considering a Social Media Cleanse

As someone who holds a marketing degree, you’d think that social media and I would be BFFs. For the most part, you’d be right. I’ve been on nearly every form of social media for almost a decade and have even recently succumbed to the lures of TikTok. I don’t usually allow myself to feel the…

January 2021 Reading Wrap Up

If you know me, you know that as much as I love reading, I kinda suck at it. Each year, it feels like I have to change my Goodreads goal at the last second because I am always behind on my reading. This year, I want to change that. Now that I am out of…

What I Wore: January 26, 2021

In the midst of the pandemic, getting dressed and putting on “real person clothes” has been struggle for everyone. Whether it’s wearing pajama pants to your Zoom meeting or simply not putting on jeans for the past 10 months, most seem to have forgone their usual fashion habits. Something I’m trying to do for my…

The Mindset I Want to Take With Me Into 2021

2020 was one heck of a year. I had high hopes for 2020 after some devastating losses and realizations in 2019, but clearly, my expectations were a bit too high. This year, I want to be conscious of my mental health and my self-care routine. I’m not trying to use buzzwords here: I mean I…

Book Review: Untamed by Glennon Doyle

There is a voice of longing inside each woman. We strive so mightily to be good: good partners, daughters, mothers, employees, and friends. We hope all this striving will make us feel alive. Instead, it leaves us feeling weary, stuck, overwhelmed, and underwhelmed. We look at our lives and wonder: Wasn’t it all supposed to be…

Introducing Me

Hello everyone! Welcome to my blog. It feels a bit naked at the moment due to the fact that I am currently writing its first post, but hopefully, I’ll be consistently posting on a weekly basis!

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